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1.2.15. Fooz Formation - FOO

Authors: Gosselet, 1873, 1888; Dejonghe, Hance & Steemans al., 1994b.
Description: In the stratotype of Dave, the Fooz Formation unconformably rests on Silurian shales.  The formation starts with 1.5 m of conglomerate overlaid by 11.7 m of coarse-grained sandstones locally kaolinitic form the Dave Member.  Olive green siltstones and micaceous sandstones surmount it.  A frequent cellular structure is due to the dissolution of carbonate nodules.  At the top, the Fooz Fm contain a few meters of maroon (red) and mottled siltstones and sandstones.   The top of the formation is defined below the first meter-thick blue grey or light beige quartzite bank of the Bois d'Ausse Fm.
Stratotypes: Fooz, left bank of the Meuse.  Dave, Bois de Dave, along the Ruisseau des Chevreuils.
Area: N of the Dinant Synclinorium and in the Vesdre Nappe.
Thickness: 150-200 m at the N side of the Dinant Synclinorium.  193 m at Dave (13.2 m for the Dave Member).
Age: Upper Lochkovian(Sia-bSubzones of the MN Oppel Miospore Biozonation).