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3rd International Congress on Stratigraphy

on Thu, 08/16/2018 - 09:35

Upcoming: 3rd International Congress on Stratigraphy - 2-5 July 2019, Milano, Italy

After the 1st edition in Lisbon in 2013 and the second edition organized in Graz in 2017, the next international stratigraphy conference will be held in Milano 2-5 July, 2019. The First Circular has been published and can be consulted at the Congress website.

The program covers a very wide range of stratigraphic topics: History of Stratigraphy, Stratigraphic tools, Erathemes-Systems-Series and Stages, Stratigraphy of carbonates and carbonate platforms, Stratigraphy of volcanoes and volcanic areas, Antarctic and Artic, Stratigraphy and geological mapping, Subsurface stratigraphy, Geochronology and time scales, Stratigraphy in crystalline rocks, and a final Open theme.