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5.9 Arquennes Formation - ARQ


Authors: Groessens, 1978; Paproth et al., 1983; Doremus & Hennebert, 1995a, 1995b.

Description: The lower part comprises irregularly stratified, sandy limestones and calcareous sandstones with micaceous, shaly intercalations. Cherts and pyrite occur locally. The upper part consists of alternating marlstones and limestones. The formation overlies the Landelies Fm.

Stratotype: Old quarry “Rousseau", 1300 m NE of the church at Feluy.

Area: Western HSA, at least from Ath to Seneffe.

Thickness: 28-29 m in the type area.

Age: Late Hastarian (Cc1 Conodont Zone, Groessens, 1978)