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5.46 Souvré Formation - SOU

Authors: Barchy and Marion, 2000.

Description: Thin-bedded, grey to black, silicified laminar shales and limestones ("phtanites").

Stratotype: Top of the quarry "F", south of Visé, east side of the Mause valley (see Pirlet, 1967b, for the location).

Area: VSA. The formation is present, but very poorly exposed, almost everywhere in the Visé area, overlying Frasnian as well as Dinantian formations.

Thickness: From about 10 m near Visé to more than 100 m on the southern slope of the Maastricht graben.

Age: The Souvré Fm was considered as "Upper V3c" by Pirlet (1967b), but revision of the foraminifera suggests a lower Namurian age (E2). In the north, part of the formation could be partly Warnantian.