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5.38 Berneau Formation - BEU

Author: Poty, this paper.

Description: Thin to thick-bedded, dark limestones (mainly packstones and grainstones), with cross bedding, shaly layers and some boulders of Frasnian limestone (Pirlet, 1968b; Poty, 1982). Brachiopods and corals are common.

Stratotype: Berneau railway cutting, north of Visé (Pirlet, 1968b).

Area: VSA. The formation was deposited on the slope of the Maastricht graben.

Thickness: 90 m in the stratotype where the base and the top are not exposed

Age: Most of the formation is Warnantian (Cf6a-Cf6d), but its base is older, yielding foraminifera from the biozones Cf4, Cf5 and Cf6 (Kimpe et al., 1978). RC6 and RC7 coral Zones.