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5.36 Thieusie Formation - THS


Authors: Bouckaert et al., 1961; Groessens et al., 1982; Paproth et al., 1983; Hennebert, 1999.

Description: Pale grey, thick-bedded, rather coarse-grained, limestones containing layers of crinoid debris, megachonetids and corals, alternating with dark, cherty limestones. Breccia occurs locally. The formation overlies the Ecacheries Fm and is overlain by the Lives Fm.

Stratotype: Exposures at "La Saisinne", at Thieusies.

Area: Western HSA, at least from Péruwelz to Fleurus.

Thickness: About 118 m in the type area.

Age: Late Moliniacian, Cf4dForaminifer Subzone (Paproth et al., 1983).