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5.33.3 Pont-de-Lens Formation - PDL

Authors: Groessens et al., 1982; Paproth et al., 1983; Conil & Delcourt, 1989; Doremus & Hennebert, 1995a, 1995b.

Description: Dark, argillaceous limestones, with dolomitic intercalations and black chert. Very fossiliferous (brachiopods). The limestones produce a fetid smell when freshly broken. The formation overlies the Grand-Chemin Fm.

Stratotype: Old quarry on the right bank of the R. Dendre, at Pont de Lens (Brugelette).

Area: Western HSA, at least from Péruwelz to Seneffe.

Thickness: 35 m in the type area.

Age: Moliniacian (Groessens et al., 1982).