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5.26 Pecq Formation - PEC

Authors: Legrand et al., 1966; Groessens in Coen-Aubert et al., 1981; Paproth et al., 1983.

Description: Generally massive, coarse grained, crinoidal limestones and dolomites, with some silicification. Shell beds with Chonetes papilionacea.

Stratotype: The formation is not exposed in surface sections but is known from boreholes situated north of the Tournai area.

Area: Western HSA.

Thickness: About 70 m in the northern part of Tournai area and at least 81 m in the Leuze borehole.

Age: Moliniacian (Foraminifer Zones 10 and 11 of Mamet, in Legrand et al., 1966).